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My awesome gallery of sprites, stamps, animation, and uses of bases. I can draw a few times, but I have to use a lame camera. I'm a professional spriter and I love to make Sonic Battle Cards, so if you got a request, tell me, cause they're always open, but I DO have some limits...^^;

Card Point commissions are :iconrequestopen1::iconrequestopen2:. Feel free to ask if you want one.


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When it comes to anime like Naruto, DBZ, Bleach, Pokemon, cartoons like Chowder, and all Sonic things, I can like them cartoons. I'm a huge fan of Knuckles and Manic. Knuckles strengh is below powerful making him tough fighter, and Manic is way past cool! He's so awesome with personality and his way of stealing things. They both rock!!! I'm also been a big fan of the video game Okami. I like the pairing of AmmyxOki(didn't affect me until my brother got me in to it).

Also kudos for people who drew me and my brother, as well as the rest of my friends! You guys rocks!

BTW, deal with the faves I have! I'm a huge fan of Video Games, Anime, and other stuff. Also, I don't like to hate anything(expect yaoi and that's it), so don't complain. Aight?

And I'm a brony who watched MLP:FIM. I wanted to hide it, but there's no point with the many other dudes who watched way before I did. Deal with it!


A little late of RIP to Chester from Linkin Park. He really made the band one of my top favorite bands of all times. It's hard to imagine what they'll do without him.....
Hey, guys. Me an my bro just got the new Persona 5 game for the PS4 is it without a doubt one of the best RPGs we've ever played, ever! I don't know much about the series, but this is a much played for anyone who likes RPGs. Also, it's been a while since I posted anything here, so I'm gonna try to do some more pics soon. A couple of stamps and maybe a few other things. I've been into RRB x PPG shipping lately(mostly Blossick) so I might do some here if I have the time. That's about it for now. I'll try to do more soon.
  • Listening to: Calvin Harris-Slide
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer
  • Playing: Persona 5
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: Caramel Coffee


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I wouldn't mine getting some points. Please feel free to donate! Also, I will be doing point commissions for my battle cards and icons now.:D

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Hey, guys. Me an my bro just got the new Persona 5 game for the PS4 is it without a doubt one of the best RPGs we've ever played, ever! I don't know much about the series, but this is a much played for anyone who likes RPGs. Also, it's been a while since I posted anything here, so I'm gonna try to do some more pics soon. A couple of stamps and maybe a few other things. I've been into RRB x PPG shipping lately(mostly Blossick) so I might do some here if I have the time. That's about it for now. I'll try to do more soon.
  • Listening to: Calvin Harris-Slide
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer
  • Playing: Persona 5
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: Caramel Coffee


Wesley Coaxum
United States
Name: Wesley The Urbanhog
Current Age: 24

Birthday: July 2th(same as Dante' XD)

Family and Friends: Knuckles The Echinda, Manic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog, Dante' The Urbanhog(Twin Brother and best friend), Katie The Hedgehog, Cindy The Hedgehog, Ivan The Hedgehog, Princess The Hedgehog(cousin), Anton The Hedgehog, Charlene The Bat, Lessaris Hush The Hedgehog, Stephanie The Cat, Vice The Hedgehog, Cici The Cat, Shade The Hedgehog, Inazuma Lighting, Casey The Wolf, Dakota The Hedgefox, Leaf The Hedgehog, Parappa, Emerald the hedgehog, Razor the Hedgehog, Kin The Fox, Laury The Hedgecat:3, Neon Blacklight The Hedgehog, Karla The Hedgehog, Candy The Bat, Styles The Hedgehidna,Thomas The Bat, Dior The Hedgehog, Kiva(Roxas) The Lone Wolf, Jordan The Wolf, Kendra the Husky.

Idols: Knuckles and Manic

My twin brother: :iconsonic2344:

Likes: Knuckles, Manic, ChowderxPanini, PikachuxBuneary, Comics, Manga, cartoons, anime, Video Games, drawing, red and green dudes, Sonic couples, Heroes, Urban Stuff(Hoodies, gangsta looks, and Graffiti) Hip-hop/rap, R&B, reggae, Rock, Japan Rock(even if I can't understand the word)Pizza(god of all food), wolves(they're awesome), spriting, Sora, Riku, Roxas, spriting, cute stuff, hanging out with his friends, peace, being nice to people, Hip-Hop dance moves, and Sweets like Ice-cream and cake(has a huge sweet tooth).

Dislikes: Haterz, people who mess with my friends rude people, bullies, people who use profanity way too much, Anti clubs, (except to protect), Anti artwork of any kind(except yaoi), Knuckles Haters, Manic Haters, people who don't know Manic, Manic not being in a game, weird Sonic pairings(some just don't work with me), people who don't put Knuckles, Manic, Sonic and Shadow as a foursome, Lago Haters, Anime Haters, Haters, Kill Pictures(Those Sicknen me!) Racism, Yaoi(Sorry to make some fangirls upset, but it's true), some preschool shows, people I like but others think that they suck(they should just keep to theirselves), Flamers(don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all), disrespect to people(Like wishing them to die or they suck. Criticism from and about people. Just don't stay anything about it. We actually got people who look up to them), retarded things, and not having my sweets, or pizza for that matter. If I don't eat pizza at least once a week, I go mad.

Favorite TV shows: Kenan and Kel, Drake and Josh, George Lopez, Zeke and Luther, Tyler Perry shows, Suite Life, That's so Raven, BTR, and most black sitcoms.

Favorite cartoons: Sonic X, Sonic Underground(with Manic XD) Chowder, Flapjack, Spongebob, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, South Park, Boondocks, Phineas and Ferb, Avatar, Danny Phantom, The Angry Beavers, Rocko's Modern Life, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Total Drama Series, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball, MLP: Friendship is Magic(Yeah, I know), Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures, We Bare Bears, and others.

Favorite Anime: Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Code Geass, Inuyasha, Pokemon, Digimon, Bleach, Death Note, One Piece, Bobobo-bo bo-bobo, Soul Eater, Zatch Bell, Shaman King, Hamtaro, Monsuno, Fairy Tail, BeyBlade, LBX, Tenkai Knights, Kill La Kill, Yo-Kai Watch, and many others.

Favorite Video Games: All Sonic Games, DBZ Buduokai Series, Crash and Spyro games, Naruto Ultimate Ninja series, Okami, Super Mario Bros. Series, Street Fighter, KOF, Super Smash Bros., Devil May Cry, any game I can find Manic in, Kingdom Hearts series, Megaman, TMNT, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Star Fox, Legend of Zelda, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Parappa The Rapper, Draglade, Klonoa, Sly 3. and The World Ends With You.

Favorite Hip-Hop and R&B artist: Outkast, Kanye West, Common, John Legend, Jaime Foxx, Hurricane Chris, Soulja Boy, G-Unit, Eminem, T-Pain, Jay-Z & Nas, 2pac & B.I.G., Methodman & Redman, Wu-Tang Clan, GS Boyz, Kidz in the Hall, Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyga, B.O.B, Nicki Minaj, Young Jeezy, F.L.Y., Jibbs, Lil Mama, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Twista, Fabulous, LL Cool J, Run-DMC, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Kid Cudi, Ludacris, Pharrel, Trina, Ludacris, Akon, Beyonce, Yung Berg, Wale, Tory Lanez, Trey Songz, Wacka Flocka Flame, Rae Sremmurd,

Favorite rock bands: Green Day, Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, All-American Rejects, Taking Back Sunday, Hawthrone Heights(R.I.P Casey Calvert), System of a down, Gorillaz, Orange Range, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Zebrahead, Flyleaf, Yellowcard and Crush 40.

Favorite Movies: Any From Marvel, Lion King, Shrek, Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, and most disney movies.

Teams: T-HEDGEZ(w/Dante'), Team Unity(w/Dante', Katie, Cindy, and Ivan)
, and Team Infinity(w/Dante', Styles, Laury, and Kiki)
Powers: Green and Red power bursts.

Bio: Wesley is a kind, well-going person. He likes to listen to Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Raggae and Rock. He hangs out with my twin brother, Dante' the Hedgehog everyday making them best friends. They have a lot in common expect on different character likings. Wesley is the kind of person who rarely hates on anything and he thinks that it's wrong to hate. All except yaoi. Wesley dislikes yaoi alot, especially the fact that stuff like that never happened between the two. It doesn't seem right for to people of the same gender doing stuff. Wesley and his brother, Dante', can also scences negativity in people. It can also cause great pain if it is really strong. Wesley is big on sweets. Cakes, Ice Cream, Pie, Candy, anything that his sweettooth craves, but if he doesn't get his sweets, he can go insane like his brother. Wesley is a different type of hedgehog. He is from the urban side of Mobius. He lives for stuff like the streets and graffiti. His special power is the ability to shot Red Energy Blasts with his left hand and Green Energy Blasts with his right hand. He also has the ability to use two forms. A Full Red Form that increases his power and Red Attacks and a Full Green Form that increases his speed and Green Attacks. The major weakness is that he can't use the forms for over 5 minutes. If so, his powers will turn off for 24 hours. He also has a actually Super Transformation with the Chaos Emeralds, but that's classified. Even with his many use of slang, Wesley is a very nice and kind-hearted person. He nevers wants to see people hate others for dumb reasons and he always wants to see the good in people. But, when he comes to battle, he steps up and says, "Bring it, Yo," and he's always ready for action.

Couples I really like:


K...Put this
N...on your
U...signature stop Knuckles
K...from being
L...annoyed and
E...hated upon

M...put this
A... on your
N...signature stop Manic
C...from being hated.

...C...Put this
...H...On your Sig
...A...If you think
...O...Sonic, Shadow
...S...Knuckles, Manic
...A...A 4 People
...Shows that they are awesome.

P...Put this on
E...your sig
A...if you don't
C...want to be
E...hated on

║███║Put this on
╠═══╣your sig
║███║if you own a DS.

I believe in peacefulness on the internet. If you don't got anything nice, to say, don't say it at all. To any haters, flamers, or trolls out their, you are nothing but losers with no life. All you do nothing but disrespect others just for liking something you don't. Grow up and if you don't choose to, then just get the hell of this site. And I don't care if you come back or not.

I don't support hate artwork. It's stupid and pointness.

Twilight is just a book. I'm not gonna waste my time complaining about hating it. So be cool and learn to shut up Twihaters. Your MORE annoying than the fans.

About 98% of the DA popular supports yaoi. Uhhhhhhh....yeah! I'm in the 2% that doesn't support yaoi. Sorry, but I'm not into seeing gay stuff.

About 5% of people would flame a video because it's popular. Copy and Paste this if you're the 95% saying "Way a go, you've just made it more popular, idiot!"

I'm pro anti-hater! This is a no flame zone! Be cool to me and we won't have problems. I mean it! No hate, hate is the enemy, so please be nice, aight?

Teams I'm in:


Team Unity:

Team Infinity:
Stuff I have to do:

Battle Cards:

:iconshadenlover4ever: 2 icons

Best All around pony:

Coolest Pony:

Best helper pony:

Cutest pony ever:

Most Beautiful pony:

Most funny and insane pony:

Current Residence: South Carolina
Favourite genre of music: Hip-hop/rap, R&B, reggae, and rock
Favourite style of art: Tranformations , Urban, Chibi, Couple pics, battle scences, cool clothes, and groups
MP3 player of choice: Eclipse
Favourite cartoon character: Knuckles, Manic, Naruto, Sasuke, Marcus, ShineGreymon, Chowder, Panini, Flapjack, Fire Starters, Raph, Donnie, Pac-Man.
Personal Quote: "Ya heard me!", and "Bring it, Yo!"



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